Put The Pioneering Technology of Combilift to Work For You

03.18.2021 Author
When space is limited or you are tasked with an especially awkward or long load, Combilift offers a wide range of multi-directional forklift options as the solution. Innovation and ingenuity are the standard with Combilift, and it is undeniable that the products that represent this brand stand out among their competitors.

It is its versatility that makes Combilift difficult to ignore. Combilift offers innovative, multi directional capabilities allowing operators to maneuver easily in narrow aisles and crowded areas.

Combilift Works to Your Advantage

With a range that includes multi-directional, articulated, pedestrian forklifts, as well as, straddle carriers, you can’t go wrong with choosing the innovation Combilift offers.

Multi-directional Forklifts

These versatile pieces of equipment combine the features of a counterbalanced forklift, a side loader, narrow aisle forklift, and a traditional forklift truck in one vehicle. This enables companies the ability to reduce the size of their fleet through this innovative, multi-purpose design which is particularly useful in warehouses where there is minimal storage capacity to house multiple vehicles on site.

Sideloader Forklifts

With a lift capacity from 5,500 pounds to 8 tons, the sideloader forklift is designed for lifting especially long-loads in very narrow aisles. This exceptional maneuverability allows for increased efficiency by enabling faster, more accurate transport of materials. Due to the ability to operate with a low center of gravity using an integrated platform, Combilift enables simple, swift and safe transport of long and heavy loads.

Straddle Carriers

Designed with the unique capability to carry the most extreme loads or freight underneath by “straddling” the load rather than lifting the load on top like a conventional lift truck, the straddle carrier is an economical and highly maneuverable truck that combines power and reliability than comparable technology.

Pedestrian Stackers

The pedestrian stacker is equipped with a multitude of user-friendly options, including the ability for both indoor and outdoor usage, as well as, the versatility to handle not only especially long but also odd-shaped loads with a lift capacity of up to 3,300 pounds.

Warehousing Forklifts

The Combilift Aisle Master is packed with a combination of features from multiple machines. It has the performance of a counterbalanced forklift, a sideloader and a VNA forklift all in a single vehicle. These combined features enable it to effectively operate in the narrowest of aisles, as narrow as 5’2” with a reach of up to 50’ vertically to the right, left or front.

Completely Customizable

Short on storage space for multiple pieces of equipment? Have narrow aisles which require maneuvering of long, awkward loads? Are you faced with the challenge of external terrain or climates that require specifications that don’t necessarily come standardized in a single piece of equipment? If so, then Combilift is your ideal choice in material handling equipment.

Since Combilift is fully customizable, designers are able to take every variable of your operation needs, such as the size of the warehouse, aisle width, load size and type, indoor and/or outdoor conditions into considerations when recommending the ideal piece of equipment for your application.


Award Nominated

On a global scale, Combilift is getting well-deserved attention by revolutionizing the material handling industry with an impressive line of products, and the industrial equipment world is paying attention. Combilift is one of sixteen intralogistics providers who have been nominated for the 2020 International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) award. Combilifts have two pieces of equipment recognized as potential winners:

The Combi-CBE4, a compact, four-ton electric multi directional forklift truck with all-wheel drive is nominated in the “Special Vehicles” category.


Equipped with features such as power steering, AC motor technology, rear wheel drive, and their patented Multi-Positioned Tiller Arm, the CombiCS is undeniably impressive and offers safer operation, maximum operator visibility and narrow aisle performance.

In mid-February, all products nominated will take part in a series of rigorous tests to assess the innovative value, technology, design, ergonomics and handling, safety, marketability and customer benefit, as well as, economic efficiency and sustainability. Winners will be announced on April 20, 2020.

Is Combilift a Good Fit For Your Needs?

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Combilift has applications in just about every industry and is fully adaptable to fulfil the needs of most operations. At Shoppa’s Material Handling, our knowledgeable equipment specialist can assist you in selecting the Combilift customization to fit your needs. Contact a Shoppa’s representative today!