Advance Notice: Your Floors Need Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner which brings to mind spring cleaning, and what better way to get your facility spic and span than with the purchase of some commercial or industrial cleaning equipment?  Warehouses can become dirty pretty quickly so having the appropriate pieces of equipment to keep your facility in top shape is essential.

Not all commercial or industrial cleaning equipment are equal to the task of the high demands and multiple types of surfaces of most warehouses, and it is important to have the best cleaning equipment working for you to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Advance industrial floor cleaning equipment has been ahead of the curve for more than 100 years delivering top notch equipment with an innovative and efficient product line for a variety of application.  Advance stands out among the competitors and are designed to offer high productivity, multi-tasking capabilities with a line-up of low maintenance machines.

What Does Advance Offer You?

Advance offers an extensive selection of commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment that is designed to increase worker productivity while driving down the expense associated with keeping facilities clean.  As an added benefit to Advance’s elite line-up, the ergonomic design enhances employee safety and comfort.

No matter the application or floor surface, Advance is the ideal choice for your floor maintenance.  Even for the most challenging floor cleaning situations, the thoughtful and innovative design of Advance products offers solutions that are energy efficient, reduce waste and minimize cleaning times.  With Advance, you can’t go wrong.

Advance Sweepers

Knowing the importance of keeping a work environment clean and healthy, Advance offers a wide variety of sweeper options to meet the specific needs for your application.  No matter the surface type, whether indoor or outdoor, Advance sweepers outperform the competitors.  From walk behind to rider sweepers, Advance sweepers do more than just move dust and dirt around but also vacuum the particles into a built-in container.

Advance sweepers include a host of impressive features, making them the perfect choice for cleaning contractors, industry and manufacturing, schools, warehouses, hotels, exhibition and convention centers.  They are easily operated and maintained, leave floors clean in just one pass, and operate with minimal noise.  In addition, on some of the battery-equipped models, comes a convenient, on-board charger.

Advance Scrubbers

In most industrial or commercial environments, a traditional mop and bucket just simply isn’t going to get the job done.  For these situations, it’s a good idea to consider something with a little more muscle.  Advance scrubbers are the most efficient and budget-friendly option on the market and have multiple options to choose from to meet your every need.

Every Advance scrubber comes with Advance’s trademarked Smart Solutions technology.  As part of Advance’s commitment to sustainable cleaning technology, Smart Solutions optimizes water and chemical use by enabling the operator to select the proper flow rates for the application need, minimizing the risk of slips and falls—one of the leading causes of workplace injury.

Advance understands the importance of employee safety; therefore, all of their automatic scrubbers are National Floor Safety Institute approved and are designed to clean your floors safely and efficiently.

Advance Sweeper/Scrubbers

It’s a fact that productivity increases when employees work in a clean, healthy environment.  With Advance sweeper/scrubber equipment’s multi-tasking capabilities, you will also see a boost in worker efficiency.  Advance’s sweeper/scrubber options deliver optimal performance and are built to last.

By combining the sweeping and scrubbing technology in one machine, you are able to double your floor cleaning abilities and markedly reduce time spent on cleaning your facility.  The innovation contained within the sweeper/scrubber uses high performance debris collection systems combined with powerful scrub decks, allowing for both sweeping and scrubbing in a single pass. That’s a huge time saver for you!

Advance Your Floor Cleaning Capabilities

Choosing to invest in your own floor cleaning equipment can provide many benefits to your operation.  Being able to schedule and perform cleaning tasks at your convenience allows you to save money and time which increases the productivity and efficiency of your operation.

At Shoppa’s, we understand that there are many options available when it comes to floor cleaning solutions and are proud to offer Advance floor cleaning products to our customers because they have been delivering the most innovative, high-performance debris collection systems for over 100 years. That’s a reputation you can trust!

Not ready to buy?  That’s okay!  At Shoppa’s we’ve got an extensive selection of rental equipment to suit your needs.  Contact a Shoppa’s representative today and find out about our flexible rental and purchase options.

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