Take a Load Off: How Burden Carriers Are a Useful Addition to Your Warehouse

Don’t judge burden carriers by their small size, for what they lack in stature, they more than make up for in their strength, maneuverability, and efficiency. These budget-friendly vehicles not only can increase productivity in your warehouse but are also environmentally friendly.

The versatility of burden carriers makes them one of the more useful pieces of equipment in a warehouse.  Their capabilities are wide-ranging, making their usefulness difficult to ignore.  The question is, though, how best can you put burden carriers to work for you in your facility?

Three Ways to Use Burden Carriers in Your Warehouse

Hauling Cargo, Supplies, or Materials

With load-carrying capacity from 300 to close to 3,000 pounds, depending on the model, burden carriers prove to be a valuable asset in the hauling of materials and products within a warehouse or distribution facility.  Equipped with a cargo bed, materials are easily loaded onto the carrier vehicle and are transported quickly within the facility.  In addition, these powerhouse vehicles have towing capabilities with even greater load capacities.

Because of their exceptional maneuverability and agility, burden carriers go where other industrial vehicles aren’t able to go.  They are designed to clear narrow aisles in a warehouse to navigate tight spaces with ease, making them the go-to vehicle to retrieve product and haul equipment to all areas within a facility.

Transporting Personnel

Navigating around a large warehouse by foot can be time consuming and inefficient, and expensive with employees who are on the clock.  For this reason, it makes sense that a warehouse utility vehicle would be a valuable resource for personnel transport.

Using burden carriers as a means to transport personnel is an effective way to transport anywhere between two and four people easily around a facility.  There are also optional trailer and train attachments that provide additional capacity for transporting people within a warehouse.

Towing Cargo and Material

While a standard burden carrier comes equipped with a flatbed feature allowing the transport of heavy materials and product, they also feature towing capabilities that not only increase the load capacity of these powerhouse vehicles, but also increases their value to your operation.

burden carrier’s towing capacity gives the vehicle an extra pull around your warehouse.  Whether it be materials, cargo or people, you can count on these tiny but mighty pieces of equipment to take a load off!

At Shoppa’s Material Handling, we are proud suppliers of Cushman utility vehicles. Our equipment experts are on hand to listen to the specific needs of your warehouse application to help you to choose the perfect piece of equipment to ease your burden. Contact us today!

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