Pallet Rack 101

When opening a new warehouse many owners feel limited by the space they have. In a fast paced work environment the accessibility to your product is limited greatly by the space provided. In order to open up the work space, warehouse racking is used to stack pallets of products vertically and horizontally. The many advantages pallet rack systems provide are utilization of space, safety, durability, accessibility, and convenience. When considering pallet rack it is important to know what options are available for you and what specific style of racking is best for your business.

Storage Rack

This is by far the most multipurpose use of rack and most common. Storage rack allows your pallets to be accessible from the front and back and can be configured in many varieties. Wire decks are typically used with this system, which help prevent the pallet from falling through the rack. Set up is simple, and can be done quickly.

Flow Rack

This type of rack is used mostly with perishable or time sensitive products. The rack lanes are slanted allowing pallets to slide forward on rollers as the front pallet is removed, making it a first in first out storage system.

Drive-in Rack

Primarily used for high density storage. This system allows a forklift operator the ability to drive into the rack to lift out heavier pallets. This style of rack maximizes the warehouse space available. Similar to storage rack, drive-in can be configured to use first-in/first-out or last-in/first-out storage system.


This type of rack is primarily used for long bundled items. The system allows there to be multiple arrangements to hold many different sized items at once. The rack system can be one sided where it is normally positioned against a wall or double sided as long as there is enough clearance. Cantilever is commonly used to hold lumber, plumbing supplies, pipes and steel rods.

The many options and legal restrictions that must be considered when purchasing racking can be overwhelming. Shoppa’s Material Handling has a team of professionals who design these systems every day and can work with you to meet your storage needs and keep the work space safe. Shoppa’s offers free CAD design layouts to suit your space perfectly. Feel free to contact us today for your customized design layout.
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  1. Thomas Clarence
    Thomas Clarence says:

    It was interesting to me when you explained that flow racks are most often used with products that perishable. It seems like this kind of system would be used in grocery stores because of how quickly food items go in and out of storage. It seems like pallet wracks are good to use in warehouses and other storage locations because of how well they use small areas.


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